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Friday, October 13th – 10:00 PM


Populous, aka Andrea Mangia, is a DJ and producer from Lecce, Italy.
His debut album came out in 2003 and was titled “Quipo,” followed by 2005’s “Queue for love,” two albums equally influenced by instrumental hip hop and indie electronic. A global approach to the creative process has recently led him to focus on new Latin American rhythms, filtering them through a European lens.
With “Night Safari” (2013) and “Azulejos” (2016), he earned a place on the international electronic music map.
2019 is the year of her most mature album, “W” an ode to femininity in all its facets. “W” (which stands for “women”) is an invitation to accept one’s feminine side and a tribute to all female artists who have had to struggle to make their art visible. Themes dear to the lgbtq+ community, such as diversity and inclusion, become central parts of her dialectic..