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Sunday, October 15th – 10:00 PM

Casino Royale

With this new lineup composed of veterans and newcomers, Casino Royale will be performing live again. As usual, the new songs from their latest EP Polaris influence in the arrangements the band’s classics, which are given a contemporary twist.

It is never a déjà vu, never a nostalgic celebration to return to see them live, but an immersion in the here and now that has lasted since 1987.

  • Alioscia – voice
  • Patrick Benifei – piano voice
  • Geppi Cuscito – bass and guitar
  • Lillo Dadone – drum set
  • Vito Miccolis – percussions


Casino Royale was born in 1987 in a post-punk Milan and with their Ska sound they overturned stages with a warm sound, full of horns and full of energy. In the very early nineties they overturn every point of reference within their sound contaminating themselves with contemporary evolutions of genres already in their DNA, it is the time of ragga-hip hop, black rock and what is called cross over. Sound research, use of electronics, a sound never heard from an Italian band producing and creating simultaneously with an international scene not chasing the sound of the moment.