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Sunday, October 15th – 7:00 PM

Jordan Rise Ride

Jordan Rise Ride is the story of a bicycle journey in Jordan. That of four friends who pedaled more than 500 kilometers in ten days, from Mafraq to Aqaba. It is the tale of a bicycle journey in which the landscape shows up unexpectedly between mountains and desert, wonder repays effort, encounters overturn expectations, and individual stories challenge collective narratives. It is the tale of a bike ride to learn about schooling support projects for the country’s most vulnerable communities, supported by the Non Dalla Guerra association’s “Deskmates” fundraising campaign. It is the tale of a bicycle journey in which popular music becomes a tool for trespassing and sharing languages and cultures. It is the tale of a journey made possible through the collaboration between Non Dalla Guerra, the association La Mente Comune and the Orkestrada Collective thanks to Caritas Jordan.