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Saturday, October 14th – 10:30 PM


Derozer (aka Rozzi) are a group from Vicenza, which has made its way over the years by becoming one of the most famous Italian punk bands such as Punkreas, . Over the years Derozer have gone from catchy songs with predominantly ironic and personal lyrics, although not without a message, to more musically aggressive and polemical songs from a political-social point of view.

Birth of the group (1989-1994)
The group was formed in Vicenza in 1989 and the original lineup included Mendez (bass), Spasio (drums), Domenico (guitar) and Davide (vocals), playing mainly covers of the Ramones and The Germs. After a first demo in 1993 released on cassette with the homonymous title Derozer containing 11 songs, Domenico and Davide left the group to be replaced by one of the first fans of the group itself, namely Seby, already in Strange Corner, a hardcore group from the same city.
The group begins to play more regularly and participate in concerts and contests even outside the city. In 1994 the 7″ version was released with a circulation of 1000 copies “144”, (i.e. the prefix of erotic telephone chats in vogue in those years), recorded at the “Jam Studio” in Vicenza. The cover is by Spasio and the lyrics by Seby. The EP version contains three songs: 144, Nitroglicerina, and Bomba, while the seven-track CD-EP version also contains Kalifornia, Pubblicità, Alla nostra età and La bianca. The single will be self-produced through Derotten Records, a label founded by Derozer themselves. The CD-EP version will then be reissued in 2002 in co-production between Derotten Records and the German Mad Butcher Records.

Success in Italy and abroad (1995-2003)

Due to differences, Spasio leaves the band, and is replaced by Gino Rakas (born in Chicago), but despite this he plays on the first album (while only the backing vocals are done by Gino). In 1995 the band’s first album, “Bar”, was then released, which will be released in 2 CD versions: one produced only by Derotten Records (catalogue number 003) and another in co-production between Derotten Records and the Italian KOB Records. In 1996 an LP version was released, produced only by Derotten Records. All three versions contain the same number of tracks: 13.
In 1997 Seby and Mendez also began playing with Los Fastidios, a street punk group from Verona (this collaboration continued until 2001).
The second album Alla nostraetà was released in 1998 with Spasio returning on drums. The album will receive positive reviews both in Italy and in other European countries where the group plays during the tour following the release of the album. Thanks to this success, Derozer began a new collaboration with the German label Mad Butcher, which will release their third studio album Mondo Perfetto. Perfect World marks an evolution of the lyrics towards themes of greater social commitment, and the success of this album will allow the band to play for a long time not only in Italy but also in other countries, including Germany, Croatia, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Norway , Canada and USA.
The fourth studio album Chiusi Inside was released in 2002, while the following year Live in Studio was released, a collection of Derozer’s hits recorded in a single session in the Mad Butcher Records studios in Germany.

Seby’s injury (2003-2006)

At the end of 2003, after a show, Seby suffered a serious injury when he fell on a broken bottle which caused deep wounds to his left forearm. This was just a few days before the concert that was supposed to see them headline the Punkitalia festival in Berlin. After this accident Derozer were forced to stop for a while to allow Seby to recover, in the meantime selections began for the search for a new guitarist since the injuries suffered will not allow Seby to return to playing the guitar in a short time .
So in 2004 Spazza, already active in other hardcore punk bands from Vicenza, joined the group, restarting the live activity with the same intensity as before and arriving in 2004 at the publication of the album Back in March.
After some misunderstandings in 2006 Spasio left the band again and was replaced by Miki, the young drummer of Tacoparty (an alternative project founded by Mendez). In the meantime, after a few years of rehearsals and training, Seby returns to playing the guitar also in live concerts.

The withdrawal from the scene and the subsequent reunion (2008-present)

Following an official statement on their website which appeared on 5/2/2008, Derozer are taking a break from the scene after almost twenty years of live activity, concerts and new records.
In January 2012 the band announced a new tour which started in Brescia on 17 March[1][2] and ended in Vicenza on 25 August 2012. In June 2012 a collection with 25 songs (one of which was unreleased) was published by IndieBox. entitled Fedeli alla tribe and a documentary on their story on DVD.
In January 2016 Derozer announced a new 6-date tour; for the first time Mendez does not play with Derozer after declaring[3] that he will not take part in the new tour.
In March 2017 Derozer released the band’s eighth album entitled Passage to the North East, again for the IndieBox Music label, which contains 10 unreleased songs (with the exception of Zombie already published in Fedeli alla tribù in 2012).
February 2018 Derozer return after 10 years for a live show in Berlin with Banda Bassotti and SOLD OUT!
Summer 2022 BRANCA DAY TOUR Not just a live show, not just a celebration of their most famous song that everyone knows, but a real “Call to the Glasses”.
Summer 2023 Derozer restart with the tour that will see them busy until December 2023. Studio album