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Sunday, October 15th – 11:30 AM

“As gold between the cracks” the gentle art of fixing relationships

Talk about restorative justice, presented by Progetto Sulla Soglia

(Tangram coop. sociale – Insieme coop. sociale – Ass. Rete Famiglie Aperte)

Is it possible to “mend” one’s relationships? Is a gentle way of conflict recomposition possible?
As gold between the cracks. That is, the Gentle Art of Repairing Relationships (written by Silvio Ciappi, psychotherapist and clinical criminologist and pedagogists Silvio Masin and Riccardo Pavan) is a book that wants to delve into the consequences arising from suffering, caused by conflicts and on the possible answers that the perspective of Restorative Justice can give. The talk will be attended by Silvio Masin and open to all people who want to explore the “repair” of relationships in the disorder generated by conflict.